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Fishing Tournament Trail

Fishing tournament results will be published each Tuesday of the fishing season. To report an upcoming tournament or results, call 816-234-4319 or email a href =”mailto:bfrazee@kcstar.com”bfrazee@kcstar.com/a by noon Monday. For results, please spell names of first- and second-place finishers and big-bass winners and list hometowns, along with number of fish caught and weight. /ppspan class=”subhead”Coming up/span/ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”AT BLUE SPRINGS LAKE: /spanBuddy bass tournament sponsored by Blue Springs Buddy Bass. When: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. Takeoff site: Blue Springs Marina. Entry fee: $50 per team. More information: 816-550-5664./ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”AT LAKE JACOMO: /spanBuddy bass tournament sponsored by Jacomo Bass Club. When: 7 a.m. to noon Sunday. Takeoff site: north boat ramp. Entry fee: $40 per team. More information: 816-524-6266. /ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”AT LONGVIEW LAKE: /spanBuddy bass tournament sponsored by Longview Buddy Bass. When: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday. Takeoff site: Longview Lake Marina. Entry fee: $50 per team. More information: 816-419-6713./ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”AT STOCKTON LAKE: /spanDivision 126 bass tournament sponsored by American Bass Anglers. When: safe light to 3 p.m. Saturday. Takeoff site: Hartley Public Ramp. More information: 620-421-2935./ppspan class=”subhead”Results/span/ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”BURTONS BAIT AND TACKLE: /spanYear-end Classic on Saturday and Sunday at Smithville Lake. 1. Todd Knaack, Lawson, Mo., and Nick Hahlbeck, Lake Waukomis, 10 bass, 31 pounds, 8 ounces, $2,000. 2. Russell Fisher and Jason Fulton of Camden Point, 10 bass, 29 pounds, 10 ounces, $500. First-day big bass: Knaack and Hahlbeck, 7 pounds, 11 ounces, $700. Second-day big bass: Kevin Spencer and Brad Schmidt of Liberty, 7 pounds, 81/2 ounces, $500. /ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”MIDWEST HAWGHUNTERS: /spanClassic XXIX bass tournament Saturday and Sunday at Stockton Lake. 1. Dallas Beem, Longton, Kan., and Jason Beem, Louisburg, Kan., eight bass, 25.60 pounds, $1,300. 2. Jim Peoples, Altamont, Kan., and Darryl Carlson, Parsons, Kan., eight bass, 24.67 pounds, $1,000. First-day big bass: Randy Collings, Webb City, Mo., and Randy Collings, Alba, Mo., 5.52 pounds, $250. Second-day big bass: Mike Bogle and Tom Reaves of Chanute, Kan., 5.40 pounds, $150./ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”KANSAS CRAPPIE TRAIL: /spanBuddy crappie tournament Sunday at Pomona Lake. 1. Ruth Ross and Greg Graham, of Louisburg, Kan., 7.46 pounds, $602. 2. Todd Morstorf and Gene Breitenstein of Topeka, 7.39 pounds, $312. Big crappie: Ross and Graham, 1.52 pounds, $120./ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”JACOMO BASS CLUB: /spanBuddy bass tournament Sunday at Lake Jacomo. 1. Tim Burt, Blue Springs, and Joe Inda, Gladstone, three bass, 10.04 pounds, $180. 2. Scott Mayszak, Lawson, and Charley Hollingshead, Edgerton, Kan., three bass, 8.60 pounds, $110. Big bass: Inda, 4.56 pounds, $65./ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”BLUE SPRINGS BUDDY BASS: /spanBuddy bass tournament Saturday at Blue Springs Lake. 1. Jim McCorkle, Raytown, and Chip Jarrett, Lees Summit, three bass, 6.93 pounds, $140. 2. John Martin, Lees Summit, and Ed Phillips, Independence, two bass, 6.29 pounds, $100. Big bass: Martin, 3.91 pounds, $40./ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”MEN OF HONOR BASS CLUB: /spanClub bass tournament Saturday and Sunday at Truman Lake. 1. Gary and Doug Skeens of Pleasant Hill, nine bass, 20.79 pounds. 2. Dave and Cory Gallagher of Odessa, Mo., four bass, 10.25 pounds. Big bass Saturday: Dave and Cory Gallagher, 3.42 pounds. Big bass Sunday: George Flowers, Peculiar, and Dan Hull, Lees Summit, 3.94 pounds./ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”OLATHE BASS CLUB: /spanClub bass tournament Sept. 22-23 at Pomme de Terre Lake. 1. Paul Marsh, Olathe, 10 bass, 16.22 pounds. 2. Dave Juda, Overland Park, nine bass, 15.35 pounds. Big bass: Mike Houdeshell, Olathe, 5.17 pounds./ppbull;nbsp; span class=”bold”KANSAS CRAPPIE TRAIL: /spanBuddy crappie tournament Sept. 23 at Hillsdale Lake. 1. Ruth Ross and Greg Graham of Louisburg, Kan., 8.86 pounds, $462. 2. Mike and Eric Schrock of Lawrence, 5.66 pounds, $150. Big crappie: Ross and Graham, 1.70 pounds, $80.

Article source: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/10/08/3858190/fishing-tournament-trail.html


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